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Best Guide to Inspect Your GPU Work After System Upgrades

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Try upgrading again, and make sure your PC is plugged in and stays turned on.0x800F0922This error might mean that your PC couldn’t connect to the Windows Update servers. If you’re using a VPN connection to connect to a work network, disconnect from the VPN, turn off the software , and try upgrading again. The error could also mean there isn’t enough free space in the System Reserved partition.

At the very least, it will let you know what the issue is. Oh, and in case you’re wondering; if you’re not using a Surface, this article still applies to you, as long as, you know which version of Windows you have. However, if you’re like me and fall somewhere in the middle then I’d recommend you make the notification settings change, I outlined, then you can use the delay or defer options as you see fit . If you’re paranoid about them screwing up your Surface , you might want to kill the Windows update service or rollback to Windows 8.1 where you have more control . Go to the Windows Store and click on your account picture in the upper right corner and select Options from the menu that appears. Change the option for Startup Type to Disabled then tap or click the Stop button to immediately kill the service.

Don’t worry about the fact the tool says it’s “looking for problems” or “resolving problems”. It was originally designed to troubleshoot problems with Windows updates, so it was assumed that someone would only use it if they were having problems. After the tool finished looking for updates, it will offer you a choice.

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Unfortunately, if you have a Surface 3 (i.e. Windows 10 Home) this will not work and you will find the Defer Updates option is greyed out on your device. So I come up this way, block them all at once, and I only allow certain apps to go internet whenever I need. In some cases, you might find that the service keeps re-enabling itself. One possible reason may be that Windows 10 Update Assistant is running on the desktop.

  • To delay or defer new feature updates, use the Update and Security settings to reschedule when Windows updates your computer.
  • Windows 10 is set to automatically update whenever Microsoft releases new updates.
  • To revert the changes, go to your Windows Update settings and ensure the defer days are set to 0.

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To prevent this, you can either disable the assistant in Task Scheduler or uninstall it entirely. If you are using windows 10 you can disbale Automatice update on windows 10 too. When you click on “windows update” the list of objects will appear on the right side. Select “configure Automatic Updates” and double click on it.

You might be able to fix this problem by using third-party software to increase the size of the System Reserved partition. If your general update or featured update fails or creates problems, it will often give you an installation error code. The codes don’t tell you much by themselves, but they do include a lot of useful info if you hop online and consult Microsoft’s guide on the matter. Below, we’ve provided a table highlighting some of the more common errors. Microsoft knows that sometimes things can bring along a few unwanted issues, which is why the company created the Windows Update troubleshooter. This tool will run through your primary operating system parameters and look for any obvious problems that may be keeping Windows Update from functioning correctly. If it can, the troubleshooter will also fix them automatically.

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To install the Insiders build, go to the Insiders download page. You can use the version string latest, if you’d like to always download the latest VS Code stable version. 0x A file needed by Windows Update is likely damaged or missing.0x800F0923This error might indicate that a driver or other software on your PC isn’t compatible with the upgrade to Windows 10. For info about how to fix this problem, contact Microsoft support.0x This error could mean that the upgrade process was interrupted because you accidentally restarted your PC or signed out of your PC.

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